Excellent Transfers

I’ll be honest, was a little dubious when booking as I usually use the likes of Resorthoppa but as we were arriving at around 11pm and going to Can Picafort which is an hourish away I didn’t want the faff of a shared transfer which could take a couple of hours.

I had a look around and the price quoted was competitive and in line with or cheaper than other options so decided to go for it. Booking online was very straightforward, the instructions are very clear – just follow them properly, you have to click an emailed link to finalise your booking. I opted to go with the pay the driver option rather than prepaid so if we were left in the lurch at least we wouldn’t be out of pocket.

As it turns out, all of my concerns were completely unwarranted. The driver was exactly were the booking confirmation said he would be with my name held up on a tablet – although I would say Palma airport is a little confusing as there are various exits so just make sure you’re going out of the right one. He took us straight to the taxi which was clean and comfortable and we arrived at our destination around 40 minutes later and only about an hour after we landed which was great.

As instructed, I emailed to confirm my return booking 2 days before but was a little concerned that I had heard nothing back by the evening so decided to give them a call. Granted that this is less daunting for me as I am a Spanish speaker but the lady who answered the phone was fantastic. The office was actually closed by that time and she was only there to take the calls but she told me she would boot the system up, find out what had happened and give me a call back in 10 minutes. Promptly 10 minutes later she gave me a call back and told me not to worry, it was all confirmed and they had sent me an email back it just hadn’t arrived. It transpired this was a Hotmail related problem and nothing to do with the taxi company, when the email finally came through that night it was timed at 5 minutes after my original email had been sent.

Our taxi arrived about 10 minutes before it was due to and again we had a comfortable journey back to the airport. It took slightly longer due to it being the middle of the day and more traffic about but we arrived in plenty of time for our flight.

Overall I would 100% use Taxi PMI again when visiting Mallorca – fantastic stress free transfers and good customer service when we had the minor blip with the confirmation.